How to add custom search engine in Firefox

Recently I switched from Chrome to Firefox (mainly due to Google’s invasive policy of suggesting me content that I really should see), but I wasn’t able to replicate one of the features that I love most in Chrome: easiness of adding custom search engines, so then you can type any given keyword in the address bar to use it.

For example, you can type:


(t and space) which becomes a search box for

Great productivity booster. I wasn’t able, however, to find any similar and sane solution for Firefox. Most internet resources pointed to some third party add-ons providing flawed experience. I couldn’t find this obvious solution anywhere, so let me share it with you here 🙂

It is enough to add a bookmark with the keyword that you want to use and location string, that contains %s in the place where the search query will go. Example below:

Of course you need to work out the proper query string for yourself, depending on the website you are interested in.