Effective and scalable decision making with Sociocracy 3.0 – my talk on 4developers conference in Łódź

In October 2018 I had an unique opportunity to visit 4developers conference in Łódź to give a talk about Sociocracy 3.0 as a tool for scalable and effective decision making. The vibe was great and I met a bunch of interesting people, we shared some experience and interesting ideas. This is a start of the series of meetings and workshops on Sociocracy 3.0 – so stay tuned!

See additional materials here (in Polish).

7 steps to effective writing – my talk on Boiling Frogs 2018 conference

In March 2018 I gave a talk on Boiling Frogs 2018 – the software craftsmanship conference in Poland. In the talk titled “Share your knowledge and build your personal brand: 7 steps to effective writing” I spoke to IT professionals and enthusiasts on how they can share their knowledge or ideas and promote their personal brand at the same time. The room was full and, hopefully, I was able to inspire some of the attendees to try their luck in the field of educational writing and speaking about what they know.

See additional materials here (in Polish).

How to add custom search engine in Firefox

Recently I switched from Chrome to Firefox (mainly due to Google’s invasive policy of suggesting me content that I really should see), but I wasn’t able to replicate one of the features that I love most in Chrome: easiness of adding custom search engines, so then you can type any given keyword in the address bar to use it.


How to write an article – eMAG TechLabs article

From time to time there’s a situation when you have some innovative idea or recently acquired some skill. It definitely did cost you some time and effort. Why not share it with others? Preparing your thoughts for the public consumption helps you organize your knowledge, review the possible flaws and put your idea up for the peer review.

In my recent article in eMAG TechLabs blog I share my techniques that are helpful when you want to put your thoughts on paper (actual or virtual one).

Effective communication in 7 easy steps – eMAG TechLabs article

I encourage you to check out my recent article Effective communication in software development projects – in 7 easy steps published in the eMAG TechLabs – the tech blog of the company that I work for as a Software Development hub manager.

In this article I present seven easy rules that you should take into consideration if you want to improve communication in your projects – not only IT related. It is based on my previous experience married with the culture and experience of eMAG.

This article is my next work in the series related to effective communication, after article in Smashing Magazine and presentation on WarszawQA meeting.

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