Calculate exchange rates with Alfred 2 workflow

NOTE: This technical article was published long time ago. It may be not up to date. Please check for the newest versions of mentioned software. Also I am not able to provide technical support anymore. Thank you for your understanding.

Alfred 2 is awesome productivity application for Mac OS X. It allows you to quickly search files, navigate web, run applications and many more. One of the great features of Alfred are workflows – custom actions, that can be triggered (and programmed) by the user.

As a solution to my frequent need of calculating the exchange rates between currencies, I made an Alfred 2 workflow that allows to do exactly that, using Google-like syntax, for example:

rate 123 USD in EUR

will yield result:

90.44 EUR

Here’s a screenshot:

alfred-currencies screenshot

alfred-currencies screenshot

You can download the workflow here. Installation instructions are on the project’s Github page, as well as the code and issue tracker.